Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 88

Pear & Port Wine Sorbet: Lately I've been trying to support the burgeoning Atlanta food truck scene, and there are definitely some great vendors out and about so far. I really hope that things go well for the food truck concept in conjunction with the local government, since it could result in some really good fast food options besides the usual corporate garbage. Tonight, me and the GF went down to the Sweet Auburn Market for a food truck event featuring a few different vendors (Yumbii, Westside Creamery & Blue Tailed Lizard Tamales). I'd had some of these vendors before, but I saw a couple flavors of ice cream and sorbet on the Westside Creamery ( menu that sounded awesome. One in particular stood out: pear and port wine sorbet.
I've had sorbet before, but I usually stick with ice cream since I prefer it's creaminess. However, this flavor combination was new to me, so I couldn't resist. I love anything pear-related, so I felt like this couldn't be bad. Upon trying, I noticed that it was a lot more rich and creamy than other sorbets I've had, almost like an ice cream consistency. The pear flavor was definitely stronger than the port, but still tasty and refreshing. It's rare that ice cream or sorbet actually tastes like the real ingredients in the description, but this was as close to real pear as you could hope for. Maybe they'll add a little more port to the next batch if I'm lucky.

I also sampled a salted butter caramel ice cream that was amazing. If you spot the Westside Creamery truck at your next food event, definitely check them out.

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