Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 80

Red Pear: This was another find that happened when I was out doing some conventional grocery shopping. It's funny how my grocery trips don't allow me to shop normally anymore - this project has completely changed my approach when I'm doing even the most mundane big-box store browsing. I'm always scanning the aisles for something I've never had, and sometimes it's really difficult to find anything. I've found that produce sections yield good results, since the inventory's often changing.
When I saw this red pear at my local Kroger, I wasn't sure if it was different than the normal yellow bartlett or anjou varieties. I love pears in all varieties, so I picked one up to take home. I wish I had more to report with this post, but unfortunately, red pear offered nothing new for me. It tasted exactly like a yellow bartlett, with the only difference being the skin color. Definitely tasty, and it offered all the crunch/sweetness that I'm used to with a fresh pear, but no new flavors. When I read about these online, one site suggested that the red pear "adds a beautiful contrast of color in fruit baskets and bowls."

Unless you're looking to liven up the color of your fruit basket, there's not really any special reason to seek these out.


  1. These are my favorite! Have some of these with some blue might say WOW!!