Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 230

Unidentified Russian Candy: Ok, so after some extensive internet searching, I can't figure out what this one is called. It's another candy from my visit to the Classic Russian Deli on Covington Highway, and even after poring over the website found on the wrapper (, I still can't figure out what it is. Oh well, that's part of the challenge of this blog, and sometimes I strike out. I'll do the best I can to describe it.
Like a lot of the other Russian/Eastern Euro candies I've eaten, this one was individually wrapped, with a chocolate exterior. It reminded me of the ubiquitous chocolate-covered cherry in shape, just like the ones you always see during the Christmas season. I doubted it would taste like that, so I was curious to find out what was underneath that milk chocolate shell.
I bit it in half, and the center was filled with a creamy white substance that was slightly fruity in flavor, almost like orange. It reminded me of the chocolate-covered orange cream candies found in the Whitman's sampler boxes. The filling was a little more gooey than that, but still tasty. I quickly finished the whole thing and could have easily eaten another - it was pretty good. It's hard to make me unhappy with any sweets in general, so I'm glad that I've been able to score some of these Russian candies.
Tomorrow I'll get back to the savory eats, since I can't blog about candy alone. I have something truly special prepared for the last day of my Euro-fest, so make sure to check back in on Monday!

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