Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 256

Joyva Sesame Crunch Bar: After last night's binge at the Foodtopia event, I wasn't in the mood for anything too strange (or heavy) tonight to eat for my blog post. I decided to forgo the rest of the Asian treats I had stashed and try something that the GF found for me a couple weeks ago at the Toco Hills Kroger. As I've mentioned before, the Toco Kroger has an extensive selection of kosher goods that aren't usually found at other area Krogers, and this "sesame crunch bar" made by Joyva was something I'd never seen. I like sesame seeds as an ingredient, so I was excited to find out how something made almost entirely from sesame seeds tasted.
Based on the ingredients (sesame seeds, sugar, corn syrup, honey), I knew this would be a fairly sweet treat. After opening, I broke off a piece and discovered that it was extremely hard and crunchy, almost like peanut brittle. My first bite proved to be even more crunchy than I expected, and I was glad I didn't crack a tooth in the process. Once I got past the crunchiness, it actually tasted good. The toasted sesame flavor was noticeable but not overpowering, and the sugary base that held it all together provided a nice, honey-tinged sweetness. I finished the whole bar pretty quickly, so it's pretty obvious that I liked it.
If you ever find yourself near the Toco Hills Kroger, check out the kosher sections if you have time. I promise you'll find some foods you've probably never had before.

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