Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 231

Kapat Cheese Snack: Once again, I'm bewildered by a new food that's of Eastern European descent. I found this one during my trip to the European Deli earlier this week, and as usual, finding information about it once I got home was difficult. So difficult, in fact, that I couldn't find anything online about it at all, which might be a first for me. The place card at the deli listed it as a "cheese snack," and the only English I could find on the package was the word "Kapat."
After storing in my fridge all week, I finally decided to give it a try as a late night snack tonight. It was wrapped in a thin aluminum wrapper, much like American cream cheese. Once I got the wrapper off (after tearing it into several pieces, since it was stuck tightly to the cheese), it looked a lot like a square hunk of cream cheese, only shinier and a bit more yellow. I cut off a small piece, and the taste surprised me. I was expecting something more savory and rich, but as I chewed, a familiar flavor came to mind. It tasted exactly like Kraft "Singles" cheese, or maybe Velveeta. The thought of eating a large chunk of Velveeta didn't exactly seem appealing to me tonight (or any other night, actually), so I gave up and put the rest back in the fridge. Bleh.
I'm not often disappointed by an Eastern European product, but this one really wasn't good. If anyone knows more about this strangely tasteless item, please fill me in. Due to the lack of info, maybe no one else out there cares much for it, either.

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