Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 243

Bissli Falafel-Flavor Party Snack: As of a couple hours ago, I had absolutely no new foods to write about today, but the GF came through for me in a pinch after hearing that I was lacking anything new. She managed to find enough time to swing by the Toco Hills Kroger, which features quite a bit of Jewish/kosher cuisine. I've found a few things there before, and luckily, she found a couple interesting new items for me.
I've actually blogged about these Israeli "Bissli" products before, but the ones I previously wrote about were the pizza-flavored type. These looked completely different (more like little sticks), and were falafel-flavored instead. I love falafel, so I was curious to find out if these tasted like the real thing at all.
I opened the bag, and I noticed that they did smell a bit like real falafel. The flavor had a nice salty/garlic-y, crunchy element that's common in a lot of wheat-based chips and snacks. I can't say they'd be a great replacement for real falafel, but I did eat quite a few handfuls of them before I stopped. I even tried dipping them in tzaziki that was left from my last at-home falafel meal, but the tiny matchsticks weren't really dipping-friendly.

Overall, they reminded me of a cross between canned fried onions and Fritos - not bad. After trying these, I'm definitely interested in the other flavors of Bissli.

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