Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 257

"Corny" Bar: Today's new food is another find from the bag of goodies my friend's parents were kind enough to bring me from their travels. The majority of the contents were from their recent visit to several Asian countries, but this funnily named "Corny" snack bar came from a German-speaking country, based on the writing on the wrapper. In addition to the unusual name, the wrapper also pictured something that looked like a run-of-the-mill granola bar. I really hoped it would be more interesting than that.
After opening the wrapper, I quickly figured out I wouldn't experiencing much of anything new. It looked just like any other chewy granola bar I've eaten, so my last hope was to find out if it tasted any different. Nope - it tasted just like that, too. Even though my German wasn't good enough to translate the contents, I'm guessing it was made from a mix of rolled oats/nuts/corn syrup. Nothing else to report for this one.
Oh well, I guess all my new food experiences can't be truly new. I still think the name is funny, though. Pass me a Corny, I'm hungry!

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