Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 240

White Sweet Potato: Today's new food is another score from my visit to the Buford Highway Farmers Market a few days ago. When I noticed these unusual white sweet potatoes in the produce section, I couldn't resist trying one. It's funny to think about how many types of one thing (potatoes, pears, apples, etc.) I've tried during the course of this blog. I never thought there were any other types of sweet potato other than the standard ones I've been buying for years, but this experiment has definitely proved me wrong.
 I didn't want this specimen to go bad, so I decided to go ahead and prepare it as a side for tonight's dinner. The potato was much smaller than most sweet potatoes I've had, and the outer skin was sort of a light beige color. I usually just slice sweet potatoes into discs then roast them with some olive oil, which I what I chose to do with these. I wanted to know what they tasted like unadulterated, so into the oven they went.
After roasting for 20 minutes, I pulled them out and tasted. They were noticeably less sweet than any other sweet potato I've tried, but I still detected a hint of sweetness. The texture was no different, and they were actually just as tasty as what I've been used to. If normal sweet potatoes or yams are too sweet for you, I'd recommend giving these a try if you can find them.

Speaking of sweet potatoes, I found out that "yam" is the proper name for the orange-colored ones that most people eat. This firmer, white variety that I just tried is actually a true sweet potato, but the U.S. Department inexplicably requires that yams also be referred to as "sweet potatoes." Going by that logic, this is my first authentic sweet potato.

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