Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 239

Nongshim "Banana Flavored Snack": I haven't had a good Asian snack in awhile, so when I saw this whimsical-looking bag of, umm, something at the BHFM last week, I knew it would be going home with me. More often than not, the packaging with Asian goods is much more appealing than the product inside, but I was still curious to find out what this one tasted like. "Snack" could describe almost anything, right?
I was in dire need of an afternoon snack today, so I broke open the bag and hoped for the best. I was immediately hit with the smell of banana, but it was more like the fake scratch-and-sniff type instead of the real thing. The ingredients listed corn flour and sugar as the primaries, with some additional flavoring (including something called "banana powder") thrown in. They looked like oversized Cheetos without the orange coating.
How did they taste? Actually, really good. I'm usually not too crazy about fake banana flavoring, but these were lightly sweet, crunchy and totally addictive. The banana flavor was noticeable, but not overwhelming. After a few bites, I wondered how they would taste dipped in peanut butter, and the results were awesome. I went through the whole bag in one sitting, which I rarely do with anything I try for the first time. If you've ever wanted to try a sweet version of Cheetos, make sure to pick up a bag of these next time you're at the BHFM.

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