Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 241

Fleishkase: Ok, so today's new food isn't quite what I expected to post. Earlier this evening, I attended a tweetup at JCT Bar & Kitchen off Howell Mill Road that was built around what they call "Wiener Wednesday." The bar featured hotdogs made from exotic ingredients and toppings, but while tasty, the dogs featured tonight didn't really offer me anything new. After eating and socializing for awhile, I returned home to choose something else to blog about. Luckily, I went shopping yesterday at Your Dekalb Farmers Market, and I happened to find something in the deli section that was new to me: fleishkase.

I'd never heard of fleishkase, but I assumed it was some sort of deli meat that featured a mix of several pork products. After opening the package tonight, it reminded me of the pressed "olive loaf" that's found in grocery stores everywhere. It was full of little holes, and it almost looked like a hybrid of bologna and swiss cheese. Weird, but I was still excited to try.
How did it taste? Actually, the flavor was just like olive loaf, minus the olives. The pieces were sliced thin, and it definitely had a bit more flavor than standard bologna. Tasty, but not really a new flavor for me. I had no idea what fleishkase was made from, so after some research, I discovered that it's a Bavarian dish that translates as "meat cheese." Yes, you read that right. It's typically known as leberkase, but that more popular version contains liver, where this one doesn't. It usually contains corned beef, onions, bacon and pork, and it's made by grinding all those ingredients, then baking them as a loaf. Yum.

Tonight may not have resulted in me finding a new meat in hotdog form, but this fleishkase was definitely the next best thing.

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