Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 238

Sapote: You know how I mentioned yesterday that finding new fruits was mostly successful for me? Well, today's new fruit find wasn't in that category. While looking through the BHFM's produce section during my last shopping trip, I noticed these small fruits that looked similar to a kiwi. I'd never heard of a sapote, but I figured that if it tasted anything like a kiwi, I was in good shape. I wasn't so lucky.
I gave this one a try this afternoon, and after slicing it in half, I noticed that the inside appeared to look more like pear than kiwi. The skin peeled off easily like a kiwi, so after cutting off a piece and peeling it, I gave it a try. My first bite wasn't good at all - the texture was similar to a soft variety of pear, but the taste really wasn't good. It was sweet, but it had a strange vegetable-like undertone that didn't mesh well at all with the sweet fruit flavor. I got through one bite and couldn't do any more. Maybe it's better when cooked or worked into another dish, but I won't be finishing it on its own.
I guess I can't win them all when eating something new every day. Everything can't be good, but fortunately, I've experienced more good than bad. And if you're curious, sapotes are a fruit indigenous to several regions, including Mexico, Central America and South America. One source said that several varieties can be "truly incredible," so I guess I selected one of the varieties that wasn't.


  1. I know I'm not the only one having dodgy thoughts upon seeing that photo ;)

  2. Haha, true. Didn't even think about that.