Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 252

Grape "Pizza Candy": I know the words "pizza" and "candy" don't exactly pair well together, but that's exactly what today's new food (another one courtesy of my friend's parents) tries to do. Well, at least on the packaging, anyway. Because I put off my blog entry until after dinner, I wasn't really in the mood for much of anything else to eat, so I figured this small piece of candy wouldn't hurt. From what I could tell, this "pizza candy" was packaged in Thailand, and in fact, wasn't pizza flavored at all.
After opening, I noticed that the candy was sort of pizza slice-shaped and purplish in color, which I'm guessing was the intended match for its grape flavor. I was hoping for some sort of strange fruity/pizza hybrid, but it tasted like a grape Jolly Rancher (or any other hard grape-flavored candy). It was sort of chewy in the middle, and after a few crunches, it disappeared. Not much else to report on this one.
I know that a lot of Asian products have unusual names and translations, but I guess this one is related to pizza in shape only.

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