Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 242

Schav: I actually didn't find too much during my last trip to Your Dekalb Farmer's Market, but I did take home something that I'd noticed on my last couple trips there but never got around to buying: Gold's Brand Schav. I ate Gold's borscht a few months ago with pleasing results, so I was curious to finally find out what this yellowish-colored soup was all about. The label listed it as being "made with farm fresh sorrel leaves." I didn't know what sorrel was, but at only $1.50 for the jar, I couldn't resist trying.
Since the schav was my last new food item from this week's shopping trip, I had no choice but to go ahead and try it tonight. Apparently it can be eaten hot or cold, but most advice I read online recommended that it be mixed with a bit of sour cream. It actually didn't include many ingredients at all, just water, sorrel leaves (sorrel is an herb, if you weren't sure), salt, egg yolks, and turmeric. I didn't feel like heating it, so I decided to go the cold route with a dollop of sour cream.
After shaking well, I put some of the schav in a bowl, then added some sour cream. It honestly didn't look too appetizing, and it reminded me more of swamp water than something to be eaten. However, appearances will never stop me, so I dipped my spoon in and gave it a try. I'm sad to report that it didn't taste much better than it looked. Actually, it didn't taste like much at all - like sour, slightly lemony, watery nothing. The sorrel didn't add any flavor that I could detect, and I got through a few spoonfuls before giving up. Oh well.

Incidentally, sorrel contains a toxin that can be fatal in large amounts. I didn't know I was risking my life for the blog by choosing this food, but I'm guessing I'll be around tomorrow.

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