Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 234

Abate Fetel Pear: Today's new food is another find from yesterday's impromptu trip to Whole Foods on Ponce. I know I promised a real shopping trip this week, but fear not: it's coming tomorrow. While browsing the produce section at WF, I noticed this odd-looking pear. It was shaped much different than any of the others I've tried, so I decided to take one of these home. I love pears, so any opportunity to try a new variety is OK by me.

According to the label, this abate fetel variety was grown in Argentina. It had the same greenish skin as several other Anjou pears I've eaten, but the biggest noticeable difference was its extended top section. It almost looked like a bloated banana, and I had no idea if it was going to taste any different from the Anjou. Time to try!
I cut off a slice to start with, and my knife went through the flesh easily. I prefer softer pears over crunchy, so I was excited to taste this one. I was correct about the softness - it was almost mushy (but not over-ripe), and had a light sweetness combined with a bit of tartness that I really enjoyed. If you like pears, you won't go wrong checking this one out.
According to some interwebs sources, the abate fetel is a European cultivar that was originally bred by monks centuries ago. It's amazing to me how some foods endure the test of time, and considering how tasty this one was, I can see why it stuck around.

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