Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 250

Unidentifiable "WoKeeLoong" Asian Snack: Today's new food is a first for me: something that I absolutely cannot identify at all. As I mentioned a few days ago, a friend's parents recently visited several Asian countries during an extended trip, and they brought me back a huge stash of goodies. When they were telling me about this particular food, they couldn't provide much information about it other than the fact that a lot of people on the streets of Hong Kong were snacking on them. Apparently, they even asked someone in HK what they were, and they didn't know. Even though I had no clue what they were, I was excited about finding out.

To make my eating even more complicated, there was almost no English on the bag. There was a logo with "WoKeeLoong" written under it, which I figured out was also the name of the manufacturer. "Hong Kong Cake Shop" was also written on the bag, but these didn't look like any cake I'd ever seen. The contents in the bag reminded me of General Tso's chicken, and they were coated in some sort of bright red sauce. I had no clue what these were gonna taste like, so I opened the bag and dug in.

The texture was strange, to say the least. Each piece seemed to be fried, and was super-crunchy and crispy, almost like a pork rind. The coating reminded me of sweet and sour sauce, only much spicier. But...what were these, exactly? Honestly, I still don't know. My hunch is that there was some sort of protein (maybe meat or tofu?) involved, based on the grams of protein listed per serving. Based on the small amount of information I had, I couldn't do too much researching, and my efforts were fruitless. They were sort of tasty, but it made me feel strange to keep eating something I couldn't identify at all, so I gave up after a few bites. Not that I haven't eaten something that I couldn't identify before, but I'm usually able to figure it out eventually.
If anyone out there can help me identify these, I would really appreciate it. Until then, they will remain a total mystery.


  1. I love a mystery ... I found the following site for Wo Kee Loong that includes a link to their site (which, when I clicked didn't look like it was valid) and, an e-mail address. Maybe you could try that!

    If anything, hit up Gene Lee who does the international dining gig for AJC.

    Aside from that - I don't know. I'll keep it in mind to see if I find it at BUHI Farmers Market.

    Rodney (@SmileyEats on Twitter)

  2. A lot of the Chinese sites aren't accessible, but I may try to look next time I'm at the BHFM. I still don't know what it was, and I've never been stumped before. Strange!