Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 22

Kreplach: After a long weekend on the road, I was happy to eat a home-cooked meal tonight courtesy of the GF. She told me that she had something special planned for dinner, and I was excited to find out that it was something I'd never tried. Kreplach is a Jewish dish made from small dumplings that are filled with either meat or mashed potato, and they can be boiled and served in soup, fried, or baked. She chose the baked option, since I'd been binging on fast food all weekend and needed a healthy dinner.

The filling for the meat-filled kreplach was made from ground beef, onions, parsley, salt and pepper, while the potato-filled ones consisted of mashed potato, onion, chives, garlic, and parsley. The filling was then put inside wonton skins, then baked for about 10 minutes. I really love all foods in dumpling form, and these didn't disappoint. They reminded me of empanadas or pierogis, but the wonton skins added a bit of a different texture. I've really grown to love almost all Jewish cuisine (even that scary-looking gefilte fish), and these are definitely a new addition to my favorites.

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