Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 36

Hawthorn Long Coil: It's rare that I encounter something that I cannot identify at all, but today's entry is definitely in that category. While shopping last week at Super H Mart, I noticed these in the mostly Asian snack/candy section. I'm used to being able to sort of identify things in Asian markets based on ingredients and appearance, but this one stumped me. So naturally, I bought it.

After looking at the package, I had no idea what was in it. The food inside looked just like individually wrapped Slim Jims, but I figured they wouldn't taste like that at all. The only listed ingredients were "hawthorn, sugar, water, food additive." The product name was only "hawthorn long coil." Um, hawthorn? That's a new one to me. Before I ate it, I searched for hawthorn online, and found out that it's a type of plant. It's also sometimes called thornapple, and it has berries that are used for various purposes. I don't know which part of the plant was used for these snacks, so I was even more curious to taste.

I took a bite, and the flavor/texture was a surprise. I expected it to be something truly weird, but it tasted exactly like a strawberry Fruit Roll-Up. Yes, the ones you ate as a kid. I really hoped that this one would be something interesting to tell my readers about, but no such luck. I guess I don't mind Fruit Roll-Ups, so finishing these shouldn't be too hard.

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