Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 35

Sweet Rice Cake: No, this isn't like the cardboard-y things you slather with peanut butter to make edible. This was another purchase from the Tous Les Jours bakery inside the Super H Mart in Doraville. As I mentioned before, this bakery had all sorts of tasty Asian pastries, and I saw this one as I was getting ready to check out. It looked interesting, kind of like a huge marshmallow, and it had a pretty flower-type design on top. I had no real idea what this was supposed to taste like, so I decided to take one home.

I unwrapped it tonight, and it reminded me of a super-sticky, heavier marshmallow in consistency. I figured that the cake was made from some sort of glutinous rice product, but I expected it to be a bit light and airy like the other pastries I bought from the bakery. Wrong. I took a bite, and the marshmallow comparison extended to the taste as well, only much sweeter and denser. The cake was also filled with a bit of sweet red bean paste, which was a surprise. It was OK, but a bit too sugary for my taste. I finished it, but can't imagine eating more than one at a time. I still have no idea what the intricate flower on top was made of - maybe some sort combination of rice/food coloring? I looked through some internet sites, but didn't see much that looked like this. Anyway, an interesting find, although not something I'm dying to try again.

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