Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 32

Quince: Today's post is, once again, another find from the Super H Mart in Doraville. I passed these in the produce aisle and really had no idea what they were. I'd heard of quince, especially quince jams/jellies, but knew nothing about how they tasted. It looked like a yellow, misshapen apple or pear, with a firm texture.

I did some research online tonight with the GF on how to eat a quince. That may sound funny, but I've found that a lot of fruits/vegetables in their raw form aren't eaten like you'd think they'd be. According to one website, quinces aren't very pleasant in their uncooked state. The site recommended peeling it, slicing it, coring it, then boiling in a mixture of water and sugar for an hour. I didn't know eating this thing would require such preparation, but I went ahead with their suggestion. After about 45 minutes, I noticed that the mixture had turned to caramelized sugar around the pieces of quince, so I retrieved them from the pot. After letting them cool, I tried a piece, and it reminded me of a cross between an apple and a pineapple, with a little tartness. Pretty tasty, once I got past the sugar on the outside. Next time, I'll definitely reduce the amount of sugar in the pot. If you like apples/pineapple/peaches, you'd probably like quince. I could see these being really good in a pie, so that could be a project for the fall season.

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