Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 45

Gold Kiwi: It's been years since I've had a regular kiwi, so when I saw this "gold" version at the market recently, I was intrigued. I've been really excited about trying all these new fruits recently, and since I'm a fan of green kiwi, I hoped these would be good. On the outside, it looked just like a standard green one, so how would it be different? As it turns out, not much different.
I sliced the kiwi down the middle, and it definitely had a different color than the green - these were more of a yellow, which wasn't surprising considering the name. Other than that, the appearance was the same. I peeled the skin off a slice, then took a bite. It pretty much tasted like all other kiwi I've had, and the sweetness of the soft fruit was followed by a juicy tartness. If you've never had a kiwi, they're a really delicious option that works well with a lot of other fruit flavors. The gold variety is apparently a newer hybrid with a slightly higher price, but I don't quite see what would make it worth the up-charge. However, it was definitely worth trying.

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