Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 42

Ppushu Ppushu Instant Snack: After doing a lot of shopping in Atlanta's various ethnic markets recently, I've learned that things are rarely what they seem when it comes to packaging. Sometimes you think you're getting one thing, and it turns out to be something much different. Today's post definitely falls into that category. I found this Asian snack last week at the Super H Mart, and just got around to trying it today. Based on the bag, I really wasn't sure what to expect - was it just ramen noodles, or something different? It was time to find out.
The directions on the back of the bag instructed me to "open the bag and remove the seasoning packet. Crush the noodle into bite sizes. Put the seasoning in the bag, shake well and enjoy!" The kid on the front of the bag was mysteriously breaking his snack with a sledgehammer, but I didn't go that route. I did as instructed, then took a bite. The stuff inside the bag looked exactly like broken up ramen noodles, and tasted like them as well. The noodles seemed to have been cooked then dried - they had a nice potato chip-like crunch, but not like eating raw noodles. The flavoring packet powder was supposedly "sweet & sour," but it had more sour and spice than sweet. Pretty tasty, but comparable to any other crunchy snack. If you didn't get your fill of ramen noodles in your college days, these would be a great way to have that nostalgic taste on the go.

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