Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 39

Farro: After last night's pizza binge at Fritti, I was wondering if I'd be ready to eat out again tonight. However, getting a great deal at Sotto Sotto for Inman Park Restaurant Week was more than enough reason to rally. They have the best upscale Italian food in town, in my humble opinion. Me and the GF had the reservations made a few weeks ago, but we didnt realize they fell during restaurant week. Score!

As I scanned the restaurant week tasting menu, I noticed something I'd never had before, or even heard much about: farro. The ingredients listed were organic spelt, GA heirloom tomatoes, cucumber and celery. The GF said that she thought spelt was some sort of grain, but she didn't know much else. That was enough for me to justify trying, and I knew that if it was on Sotto Sotto's menu, it couldn't be bad. 
Our server set my dish down, and it didn't look anything like I expected. Based on what I thought spelt would be, I assumed I'd be getting a bowl of some oatmeal-like substance, with the vegetables on top. It actually wasn't anything like that - the grains of spelt were mixed in with the tomatoes, cucumber, and celery, and the whole mixture was tossed in what tasted like olive oil. It was also sprinkled with some fresh basil, which I love. The spelt had a nutty, chewy texture, almost like undercooked rice. When combined with the vegetables, the dish was really tasty - very light and fresh, and a great way to start the meal. I'm glad I tried, but I dont think it's something I'd order again soon - it just wasn't exciting enough to repeat. Maybe it was too healthy, since I'm usually happier eating cheese and pasta when in the mood for Italian.

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