Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 40

Greek Yogurt w/Honey: I've been reading about Greek yogurt for some time now, but never gotten around to trying it. I've eaten plenty of plain yogurt over the years, but it's something I'm not that fond of. I'm not the type to diet, so if I want something sweet, I just go for the real thing. However, Greek yogurt intrigued me - how was it be different from what I'm used to? I was picking up a few things yesterday at Your Dekalb Farmers Market ( when I noticed it in the cold section. There were several different styles, but the one I bought was just plain, with a side of honey.
I opened the package this morning, and it looked like any other yogurt I've eaten. I decided to try it without the honey first, and it definitely had a smoother, less lumpy consistency than traditional yogurt. The taste was a little bitter, so I was hoping that adding the honey would improve it. The honey was separated in the plastic package, so I dipped my spoon into it, then scooped up some of the yogurt. Much better - the sweetness of the honey was a really nice match for the creamy bitterness of the yogurt. Once I mixed more honey in, it was really tasty. I could see this being a good breakfast, or maybe a light dessert.

I don't know much about Greek cuisine, but I'm definitely eager to learn more now. Besides the basics, I haven't had much of it, so hopefully my readers can offer some advice on what's good.

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