Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 33

Korean Wheat Cream Pastry: This was another find from the Tous Les Jours bakery in the Doraville Super H Mart. I really enjoyed the red bean doughnut I had a few days ago, so I hoped this one would be just as good. I've been really impressed with Asian pastries lately - they have all the appeal of traditional pastries, but they're usually not as buttery/greasy, and much lighter. I found today's offering as I was browsing the bakery, and it was difficult to narrow down my choices. However, I'm glad I found this one.

The pastry was flat, and it looked sort of like a smashed doughnut. There wasn't a listing of ingredients on the package, but based on the description and appearance, I figured it would be light and airy, with a bit of cream filling. I opened the package, and the pastry was lightly covered in powdered sugar, which never hurts. I took a bite, and it was pretty much what I expected - light and airy like most Korean pastries I've had, with a vanilla-tasting cream filling that reminded me of red bean paste in consistency. Really good, and not overly sweet. Given my low tolerance for sugar, I've really grown to love these Korean pastries. Highly recommend.

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