Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 38

Arancini: Ive been doing a little more restaurant visiting than normal lately, but that didn't stop me from being excited about Inman Park Restaurant Week ( For those of you who've never heard of it, its a great way to get an amazing deal on some good food in the Inman Park area. I'm a fan of several of the restaurants taking part, but me and the GF were in the mood for pizza, so we headed down to Fritti (

The tasting menu had several options for starters, but I immediately noticed something that I'd never had before: arancini, which are Sicilian risotto croquettes. Fritti's version also featured sausage. Basically, that translates into balls of fried risotto, with sausage in the middle. I love risotto and sausage (and fried goodness), so how could they be bad?

Our server brought them to the table, and I noticed that they didn't look greasy at all, which is a problem with lots of deep-fried foods. At first, it seemed like frying something as rich as risotto would be pure overkill, but after I took a bite, that was anything but true. The crunchy, fried exterior gave way to a warm, creamy center of risotto and sausage. Awesome. I could have gladly eaten 20 of these, but luckily only had 4 to devour before my pizza arrived. I told the GF that they'd make an awesome bar snack, paired with a good craft beer. Maybe I'll try that approach next time.

I also had a really good pizza with pancetta, hot pepper and caramelized onion. If you haven't been to Fritti, try and go this week - the tasting menu deal lasts through 9/26.

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